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Melanes, 451 Patreksfjörður


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TEL:  +354-783-6600  

E-MAIL:  melanes451@gmail.com

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Melanes is on the far east side of Rauðasandur and has been a farm since it was established some centuries ago. But over the years more and more people from all over the world started arriving to see the beautiful beach of Rauðasandur. And by the year 2009 there were so many people, something had to be done to accommodate them. The beach was not easy to access, everywhere a long way to walk to get to the actual beach. It was decided to make a road and parking area closer to the beach and due to popular demand a campsite was established. 
By the summer of 2016 the number of campers had grown considerably so the facilities needed to be tripled and a reception with a small shop was also built . And for this summer of 2018 we are adding three small sleeping huts to our accommodation. 
We are very excited for the future and hope to keep making our area easier to access and enjoy.


There are three farms in the area, Melanes to the east and Stakkar & Lambavatn at the other end to the west. All these farms have sheep that can be seen running around outside during the summer, enjoying life. Please note that they cannot (and should not) be approached, they are easily spooked and can get separated from their lambs. They also very much like their privacy :)